Lacebark Pine--single flush?

Does anyone have experience with Pinus bungeana? Specifically, should is t be treated as a single flush or multi-flush pine. It seems to back bud easily at least on the trunk, but I am concerned about removing the entire candles without better knowledge.

The only successful decandling of pinus bungeana that i am aware of was reported by Owen Reich.
But he might be a good person to make an inquiry with, as i believe he is working quite a bit with that species.

I haven’t heard of this pine before, but it might be good to check its natural climate - pines from harsher and colder places in the mountains (white pine, bristlecone) are single-flush because of the short growing season, pines from lowlands with warmer weather (black pine, Monterey) tend to be two-flush.

Thank you, Frank. I will follow up and let everyone know what I find out.

Sal, great suggestion. Makes a lot of sense.

A post on another forum suggested that it is double flush. I am waiting with baited breath. :face_with_monocle: