Large Olive Yamadori follow up

After good suggestions from several on this forum, I relocated the large olive yamadori to partial sun/shade. The box is so heavy that I ended up removing the tree and remixing the soil to add some spaghnum peat moss; also I covered up the nebari with more soil. I originally collected the tree late last November. In late July I did the moving and repotting. Last week it started budding out–lots of new leaves as you can see in these photos. Thanks for all your help!!


That’s great! I always worry when a tree loses all it’s leaves that I have done it in. I love the feeling when you start to see little leaves sprouting and buds bursting through the hardwood! I think your plan sounds like a good one. I have never grown olives but want to give one a go. Maybe next year!

Good luck with this one and thanks for the share!