Larix decidua first styling

(Mateusz Hudzik) #1

Hi all

I’d like to share with you a few photos of first styling my Larch.
good friend of mine gave me this tree 2yrs ago (january 2016). My first step was repot tree to better soil and shallow pot (March 2016). Tree was growing freely for last 2 season and was only pruned a little to achieved better ramification


After styling:

Left side


Right side

Top view

Best regards

(Frank Corrigan) #2

Good Work, i like that you are progressively deveoping the branches and have left enough choices to make future refinement decisions. i would bethinking about options for the thickest branch , second from the bottom on the right side in the Front View.
Thanks for posting.

(Mateusz Hudzik) #3

That branch looks quite heavy i know about it but for now I didn’t have better choice. Probably in future I change that branch to a jin.

(Frank Corrigan) #4

Have you considered replacing it with the closest part of the back branch on that side. It appears to come out of the trunk at a better angle and better position in relation to the main branch opposite. This would also serve to add further depth. It is a bit lower down and appears thin enough to bend and change directions more easily.

By the way nice job with the wire/cable tightener to adjust the downward angle for the main branch.
I like the potential of this tree!

(Mateusz Hudzik) #5

Yes I know I have to do something because that angle and also that branch looks like growing from inside of bend. It doesn’t looks nice

I will update this topic with every changes of this tree

(Mateusz Hudzik) #6

Little update.
I’ve removed that heavy branch on the right side. Tree looks much better now. Thanks Frank for your suggestion about it.

(Frank Corrigan) #7

Hi Mateusz
The right side should fill in nicely with a bit of repositioning of the lower branches on that side and growing out. Often the artist strives to create a welcoming stance with a more open view of the trunk line, branch positions, particularly in the bottom two thirds of the design. The branching on the right and left can appear to invite the viewer in and flow the eye up the tree.That would also be accomplished with shifting one or two lower right branches to the right a bit more or just reducing their downward angle a bit. You can experiment with what feels right from your viewpoint. The only other consideration for styling at this point may be to reduce the length and amount of foliage on the lower left to tighten up the design. By that i mean balance the flow and amount of foliage in proportion to the size of the tree and overall design. How much foliage should a tree with that size of trunk have in nature?
I think you are making great progress and will be surprised how quickly the design will come together. I hope my comments make sense and interpret the direction that you wish to take with this tree. I believe the best approach is smaller changes, gauge the result, then more if needed. The great part is at this stage with trunk and branch placement basically decided the foliage can be grown, tweaked and or regrown.
Well Done. Feel free to ask questions, discuss options. Others may share a different view and add to the mix. Also feel free to discard my comments if you feel they do not fit your vision.
Best in Bonsai

(Darlene ) #8

Great direction @Mateusz_Hudzik you have it headed in…good advice Frank @Riversedgebonsai as well. I don’t know larch at all. But can admire the direction this one has taken.

(Mateusz Hudzik) #9

It was really great advice and I couldn’t see myself.
Thanks a lot

(Mateusz Hudzik) #10

Hi all
A little update of tree development after another growing season.
Tree was rewired last weekend and shaped again

(Frank Corrigan) #11

Well done! Looking great, nice work.

(Mateusz Hudzik) #12

Small update.
Tree is in a new pot and is ready (already has open some of buds) for coming season.
Photos was taken middle of January


(Darth Masiah) #13

nice tree. good job with the wiring. i feel like it should be planted more toward the right side of the pot for better visual balance. that pot is cool.

(Mateusz Hudzik) #14

Thanks for comment.
Yes I agree it should be more to the right side, but it wasnt possible at this stage because of roots. In next season I’ll prune them back harder and probably I’ll be able to set tree more to the right.

(Darth Masiah) #15

yeah, i was thinking it had something to do with the root situation.

(Lani) #16

I love the close up shots of the little green larch buds! The tree is coming along nicely. Thanks for the updating.