Larix decidua first styling

I have a 2 pots as a potential candidates for swap but I’m still not sure which one I suppose to choose. Both have similar size.

First rectangle 24x16x6cm

Second oval 24x17x5cm

Both pots are beauties!

I think I prefer the darker rectangular pot; it will make the tree more important through colour contrast, setting off the Larix foliage in all seasons. As much as I love the glaze, the oval pot seems to be a bit too much of an eye-catcher for this tree.

Interesting pots! Am thinking I’d go with the rectangle because of the color, but depending on the season, it looks like the oval pot would work too.

Tree is in pot😆
I decided to change front of the tree and I think it work and look even better like that.
In few days I’ll wire branches again to shape tree again and take some photos to share with you guys.

By the way, tree already started growing, if you look closer on photo you will notice some of the buds are green and starting to open

Jonas - I just caught your comment ‘depending on the season’ after missing it earlier.

Are you suggesting changing the pots for specific trees by season?
I understand that pot changes happen in preparation for shows but hadn’t realized it might be more general.

Mateusz - I like the new front and the new pot very much. Where are you located? My larch is shivering in the snow!

I would like to see any snow this winter. I live in UK, over here climate is mild, from time to time temp. drop below zero degree.

Tree comes from south of Poland from mountains.
I’m not sure but it could be a reason why this tree starts so early each year.

Pot is great but I think I over estimated with size. It could be slightly smaller and more shallow. For now I leave tree like it is and I’ll try find or order something what fit better

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I like the basic trunk movement for the front. Interested to see how you position and or cut back the branches for the design.

And after rewire​:laughing::evergreen_tree:

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Hi Don - I think about when I want a tree to look its best when selecting pots for deciduous trees as some pots look best with foliage or flowers and others look best when the tree is bare.

Thanks for the clarification Jonas.

The pot on my pre-bonsai larch is moot today! :laughing:


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Ha, wow! Looks like they’ll be peacefully sleeping for a while.

Just a short nap - rain melted it away the next day.

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Hi all
Just a quick update after pot swap

This is how tree presents in new smaller and shallower rectangle pot by Victor Harris, Erin Bonsai


Wow man, way better than all the other pots. Keep up the good work👍🏼

In spring sunshine with Fritillaria on side