Lava or hyuga or Ezo?

(Bill Daniels) #1

I have 2mm - 3mm akadama 2mm -3mm pumice… But I can’t find 2mm-3mm Lava.

Will Hyuga or Ezo work. Or where can I find lava that small.

The smallest I have is 1/4 . I’m repotting my Shohins.
thank you


(Frank Corrigan) #2

I use a black lava that when sifted will have the size you are looking for! It is made by Can Lava mining corporation. Sold in 20Kg bags to the nursery and hydroponic industries under the trade name Lava Grow. Excellent product
Not sure how widely distributed, perhaps an email to the manufacturer inquiring about possible dealers closest to your location.
As an additional component perhaps a coarse sand or granite grit of suitable size. They are more likely to be available and in a better range of size for shohin. There is a very nice grit product called cherry stone that comes in the size you are looking for! Sold as chicken grit! #1 i prefer the #2 as it is a bit larger in size.

(Jonas Dupuich) #3

You can also skip the lava and just use pumice and akadama. Some Japanese pre-mixes, like Aoki blend, are about 80% akadama and 20% pumice. You can mix the akadama and pumice to get the target percentage of akadama you’re looking for and use pumice for the rest of the mix.

(Jonas Dupuich) #4

Hyuga is pumice, but I’m not familiar with ezo as a soil.