Lave vs. Pumice?

(Eric) #1

Can lava and pumice be used instead of the other? I am looking for soil mixes and I see references to both and I don’t know if I can interchange them.
for instance…use all lava rock to pot a just collected a pine tree from the mountains, like you can do all pumice?


(Justin) #2

i grew a pine in all lava, wasn’t a collected one. don’t see why it wouldn’t be ok for collected trees…

(Jonas Dupuich) #3

The two are fairly similar, though there can be significant variation. There’s a good write up at the Houston Bonsai Society website:

As far as I know, many more enthusiasts have worked with straight pumice mixes than straight lava mixes, though this could be due to availability as much as preference.

Some testing of one against the other could be useful - will be curious to hear how the straight lava performs.