Literati Ponderosa

Here’s a Ponderosa that I styled this winter. I absolutely love this tree!! :smiley:

The tree was collected in may of 2013, and has grown very strong ever since.

Feel free to comment, question, critique… etc. We’re all here to learn. :smile:

Here’s the “before” shot:


Very cool tree. Good eye in choosing its overall composure.

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What a beautiful Ponderosa! Very unique bunjin and cascade feel. Interesting how high it goes up, then low it goes down. Cool movement. I like the front you picked and will look forward to the progression. For the future will you have the primary branch point away from the pot or toward it? I would think the moment should go away from the pot. Looking good Dan! Make sure to keep this one

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Good question… lol. I intentionally left both options open for now. I do agree that “away” from the pot is most likely where I’ll be headed. But keeping the foliage movement a bit neutral also seems like a possibility, with the way the tree will be potted.

Nope, this tree isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Maybe in 50 years I’ll think about selling… :wink:

That’s a super tree Dan! I really like the angle and front you’ve selected too. Considering how the trunk emerges from the pot, I’ll be curious to see how it looks after repotting.

Well done :smile:


Thanks Jonas! Yes, it will certainly be a bit of a challenge to pot. The soil will be mounded, with the tree coming out the side of the mound. A crescent might work too. – Michael Hagedorns JBP grafted ponderosa is actually potted very similar to how I expect this one to be. Except I’ll use a deeper pot. You can see his on the “portfolio” page on his sight.