Little Book of Bonsai arrived!

Received the LBoB from Amazon today. Initial flip through looks good. I have learned a ton from the website and am looking forward to the book.

Thanks Jonas!


Thanks, Greg - am happy to hear it!

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Received my copy of tLBoB today as well. Love the Size and Cover! Have just flipped through it and am impressed with the text and pictures. Will be studying the wiring section! hahaha
Kudos Jonas

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My copy just arrived as well - Down under to the land of Aus!

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And here in the UK too, a couple of days ago. It reads very well, the photos are superb and well printed. Thank you for writing it! The nod to your teacher is also admirable. I hope your appetite for writing books is whetted and a masterwork or two are in the pipeline :smile:

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Ha - thanks so much Jeff!

Thanks Mark - am happy to hear the book is readily available abroad. I hope you find it helpful!

I got my beautiful copy from Barnes & Noble on 29 Jan as well. I have found it to be an uncomplicated Bonsai book that is both interesting and useful. I am hoping to get it personally autographed on 22 or 23 March.

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Thanks Janet! Will happily sign it when I come up to visit next month :slight_smile: