Loblolly needle length

This loblolly was collected in 1973 or 71. I acquired the tree late winter of this year. While the tree did look healthy there was a lot of room for improvement (balancing vigor, needle density, bud quantity, needle length). The tree had never been treated like a long needle multi flush pine (summer decandling). I have just completed the second round of decandling (first round was decandling the weakest shoots, second was decandling average strength shoots seven days later, will decandle strongest shoots July 4).

My question is this, have you ever seen a lobblolly successfully reduce needle length to the appropriate size on a specimen tree?

Before decandling

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I can’t think of examples of loblolly with short needles - will be curious how it responds to the decandling!

I’m with Jonas… only thing I’ve ever seen happen was the tree getting weaker and weaker over time. As far as needle length… I’ve never seen a loblolly with small needles, they always look a mile long lol

Question: What is the idea behind the method of decandling the small/weak candles first, then the middle and strong? Always thought that it was made the other way round!
Best, Tino

you want the slowest car to take off down the road first, that way it crosses the finish line at the same time as the fastest car. our goal is to get all the candles to the same strength, so needle size and strength is balanced throughout the whole tree.