Loblolly pine in Longview

(Mike) #1

Jonas, you critiqued this tree last September when you were here. It was collected by Hunter.

(Mike) #2

Uploading… I have focused on regaining strength. I did not get into a new pot last Feb as you suggested, mostly because I didn’t have a big enough empty pot. I did cut candles and pluck in July. Not sure if I was as aggressive as I could have been. I do have lots of new buds back inside. Any thoughts on pruning or not pruning, in July.?

(Jonas Dupuich) #3

Thanks for the update on the tree! It looks healthy - particularly the lower branches. It’s hard to say if more pruning is needed at this point as it’s hard to see the branches through the foliage, but the one thing I do notice is that the branches near the apex look thin. Maybe next year there will be an opportunity to reduce some of the growth on the lower branches, possibly by decandling, and letting the top of the tree grow for a while until it catches up with the lower branches.

(Mike) #4

(Mike) #5

Ok. Got another shot to load. I was planning to build the top from the smaller candles in the middle. Was thinking of using the thick, straight section top left as sacrifice branch. I am not sure the upper left Branch is usable but no rush to remove.

(Jonas Dupuich) #6

Ah, if you’re looking to focus on the lower branches, you could likely cut the top off at any time (assuming there are lots of good roots). Because the lower trunk has good size and bark, I don’t know that there’s a big need for a sacrifice branch. And as you say, there’s no rush :slight_smile:

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(Mike) #8

Update, shot of branches

(Mike) #9

(Mike) #10

(Mike) #11

Here are a couple shots of trunk, repotted and changed angle. Next repot tweek the front. I don’t think the antlers at very top are part of final design. Branches are getting buds further back so I think I will have future options.