Loblolly pine in Longview

Looks like it’s off to a good start!

just an update, you can see it has grown strongly over the summer, come November will pull candles and pick some branches.

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Compare to very first picture

Nice result, tree is showing great health over the time period. Good Work.

don’t you love it when a plan starts to come together! Thick branch upper right is going away soon no that I have replacements.


Here is a picture of branching and buds, did some pruning last fall


Here is an update, decandled and minor pruning. Decandled in May last year interested to see the difference in needle length this year. Jonas a few weeks ago I was asking about raising the soil level on one your pines. This is the one I was interested in so I did raise the level and hoping it grows some more surface roots.


Ah, gotcha. It’ll be fun to see if the tree can generate new roots there. I don’t expect new roots to show up on red or black pines that are buried deeper but the loblolly might be different.