Lonicera experience

Anyone have experience with Lonicera?

In particular wiring thicker branches.


My experience has been to use the bones of the collected material and cut off or hack back old stiff branches–they soon grow back. save the gnarly trunk and carefully train new shoots into the branch structure. Be careful not to let it run unless you plan to hack back again because once the new shoots gain any size at all they become hard to train and snap easily this means early strategic soft wiring–remember to twist off all spouts from the very base–don’t let them grow . Hopefully the variety you have is not one of the unstable die-back ones. My problem has been keeping them long term in confinement. Some subjects just seem to decline and then just resprout from the very base–good luck it looks like a good one.

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I have been considering air layering the long branch on the left. After 2 years of trying to bend it. Giving more opportunity to fill it in with more desirable branches.

On another note, there are lower branches and even sprouts that I am keeping. As Lonicera is a shrub, I was hoping to play a little peek-a-boo with the trunk :wink: