Looking for some advertising ideas

(Beverly) #1

I own a bonsai nursery in Toronto. I am looking for DIY ideas for advertising my nursery. We are now facing a huge drop in the business, it had a loss of 23% compared to the last year. So we need to push our business through advertising. But I can’t afford a big expense on advertising right now. I read about some advertising strategies (http://www.grassrootsadvertising.com/blog/marketing/4-affordable-marketing-strategies/) that are inexpensive and efficient compared to other advertising methods. I would like to know your suggestions on this. Also, it would be great if someone suggests any ideas to do the advertising. Looking for your replies. Thanks in advance.

(Frank Corrigan) #2

I recall a small paperback called Guerilla Marketing which was full of low cost marketing ideas that i used frequently for my business. It is available at Chapters. Full of excellent suggestions that were easy to implement. Reccomend it highly.

(Beverly) #3

Thank you Riversedgebonsai.

(Atom) #4

What about getting on social media? Facebook instagram etc…
Show the world why they should come to your nursery