Looking refinement for Trident Maple articles

(Jeremiah Lee ) #1

Hello, I’m searching for good articles on refinement of Trident Maple. Oh course I love the one’s on Bonsai Tonight. However, I was wondering if anyone has other’s. Maybe old Bonsai Today or Bonsai focus articles, anyone know the number of the magazine? I really appreciate it, thanks!

(Paul Pashley) #2

Al Keppler (Smoke) has some excellent progression articles on trident maples and is very knowledgeable and helpful. Google bonsai bunker, join the blog and spend a good few hours sifting through the articles. Bonsai nut forums are also a wealth of information.


Great in-depth blogpost by Peter Tea

Bjorvala video (I always enjoy watching these)

(Jonas Dupuich) #4

Good question - here are the trident maple articles noted in the Bonsai Today index from issues 1-36.

I haven’t checked them lately - do let us know if some prove to be great.

(Jeremiah Lee ) #5

Thanks Jonas! Is the first number the issue and the second the page the article is on?

(Jonas Dupuich) #6

Yep, that’s the formula. I recently read all of the cryptomeria articles in the index and found it useful.

(Tim Shea ) #7

Some of Peter Tea’s Blogs last year on Trident were REALLY good