Lopsided root systems


Hi all. First time poster, long-time reader. I have a number of coniferous yamadori, a few of which are ready for their first repotting this spring. Most have very lopsided root systems, due to the microenvironments in which they originally grew. I imagine this is a pretty common issue with yamadori.

What is the progression of steps I should take to balance out these root systems? This will require reduction on the side that currently contains most or all of the roots, as well as expanding on the other side.


(Jonas Dupuich) #2

The main thing is to give roots a chance to fill in on their own. As long as the tree is planted somewhat near the center of the pot, there will be plenty of space for them. And as you noted, reducing the existing roots can help.

This won’t always do the trick. In some cases, the roots remain lopsided and that’s fine. If there’s a compelling need for roots to fill in the gaps, approach grafting roots from young trees can be a good option.

In general, roots aren’t as important on collected trees as they are on container grown trees.

(clive bennett) #3

You could try cutting small windows to the greenwood beneath the surface smear some rooting hormone in it and place a small quantity of long fibre moss over it , ensure it is kept damp and below the surface of the soil in your bonsai pot