Major jbp wound repair

Hello Jonas,

I would like to attempt and heal an old wound on a second hand jpb. It appears that the cambium near the cut site has slightly receded below the hardwood, ~1mm. the wound was likely caused by removing a major branch and the cut was left flush with the trunk. I’m thinking of removing some of the hardwood, eg concave cut , then opening up the cambium a bit to activate healing. Of course I’ll use “putty” to seal. What do you think?



That sounds right to me. The only way to get the wound to start healing is to cut back to live cambium - even where there is good callus.

Depending on the size and nature of the wound, the sap can withdraw well below the cut. In some cases, the tree can die back all the way down to the roots. In these cases, I’ll sometimes leave some of the dead bark as creating deadwood down to the soil level would look weird and rot before long.

Any putty or paste to seal the wound should be helpful.