Makita GD0600 or GD0603 die grinder. Which is more convenient for carving?

(Yaroslav) #1

Hi. I stand before the choice: Makita GD0600 or GD0603 die grinder for carving trees. GD0603 is similar to the Makita 906, it’s more compact and many bonsai masters use it, but the GD0600 is twice as powerful as its younger brother (240 vs 400 w). is it worth it to take big GD0600 or will it be inconvenient to cut a tree? I use Dremel, but it’s not good for a big cutting.

(Jonas Dupuich) #2

It likely comes down to what you think you’ll spend the most time carving. I have the GD0601 which looks similar to the GD0600. It’s pretty powerful. I haven’t tried the GD0603.

(Frank Corrigan) #3

I have not used the Mikita. I have the automach HCT-30. I would decide on the combination of what felt most comfortable for handling. Both seem quite powerful. In my opinion the key difference is often the style and quality of bits chosen. I prefer less weight for extended use.
Good luck with your decision.