Mikawa JBP from seed in progress

(Darth Masiah) #1

i decided to add some pine bonsai to my collection by growing them myself. i bought these seeds too late last year to plant, but we are ready now.

i put the seeds in hot tap water and after 24hrs they had all sunk to the bottom.

then i put them in the fridge with a moist napkin for humidity. after at least a week in the fridge im going to go ahead and plant them.

(Frank Corrigan) #2

Pine from seed is a lot of fun and can be rewarding. I have usually kept the seed in the fridge for longer periods unless the seed was very freshly collected.
I think you will have better success if the seeds are kept cooler for the suggested time on the package.
If you check them weekly then you can plant them when you notice the beginnings of germination if that happens sooner.

(Drew) #3

when you do decided to take them out of the fridge leave them on the side at room temperature in the packet, they will start germinating inside the packet within a week:

Then plant them

(Darth Masiah) #4

nice. thanks for the tip.

(Frank Corrigan) #5

I have done this when i have been caught with early germination. However I do prefer to plant the seeds before germination as a regular routine.This way my losses are fewer. Perhaps it is because i have difficulty sorting the fine roots off the paper towel and from each other without damaging the new roots.

(Jonas Dupuich) #6

Ha, cool pictures Drew! That’s fun to see them sprouting so well.

(Darth Masiah) #7

only one seedling made it out of that horribly stored, beat up pack of seeds. i really didn’t think any of them would make it out of that super fine sand i used either, buuuuut the force must be strong with this one :laughing:

(Darth Masiah) #8

i was looking through how to create seedling cuttings for jbp and it seems from the pics a good time to cut is when the middle needles are half to two thirds the size of the first outer needles. any thoughts on this?

(Jonas Dupuich) #9

I try to create the seedling cuttings right before this stage, so now would be a good time.

(Frank Corrigan) #10

This is consistent with the timing I prefer. Waiting until the second flush of needles is progressing.