MJ juniper species

Hello my friends,

In my area there is a certain difficulty to get some junipers, I found a species of Juniper called Mint Julep. As you guys have a great experience I would like to know if this spice is good for bonsai? Or the best solution is grafting a shimpaku…
I took a picture of the branch tip.

Thank you all for support me.

As you have discovered Juniperus Chinensis has many cultivars. Some are more suited to Bonsai development than others due to foliage characteristics.
Grafting Shimpaku is not always the most effective way to overcome foliage differences.
If you want a shimpaku, then i would wait and acquire one. In the meantime you can work with the Mint Julep foliage and determine a style and techniques that work with the tree you have. It is great to learn a variety of approaches to developing Bonsai.