More shohin and suiseki

Jonas and I went to the same show and took very different pictures! From the novice point of view:

a small shimpaku. If the setting leaves something to be desired, this was in the hall and not the main exhibit:

the smallest coast redwood I’ve ever seen, with foliage to match, this tree’s only about as large as your hand held up with fingers spread:

some nice one-tree displays:

a very tiny maple(? ivy?) in an equally tiny pot on a very tiny stand:

geranium accent:

a tiny but venerable pine with amazing bark in a tiny but venerable pot:

amazingly small mame:

unconventional display, shot from above, it seemed like the best viewing angle. The spider’s body is a round cactus:

I don’t know much about suiseki but this one was my favorite, unfortunately unlabelled so I can’t give the collector credit:

The full displays of shohin were really impressive, with the pots and stands scaled down to match the trees. I think my favorite thing about the really small trees is that they don’t shout to you across the room the way a really good large bonsai will, with that type of presence. You have to really go to the shohin and get up close and personal to really find the character of the tree, so much more so with mame. I saw visitors getting right up to the exhibits to try to pick out all the tiny details. Really charming :blush:


Thanks for sharing Sal. Nice exhibit! Was the one that looked like a skull and spider upside down like that? Fun stuff there!

The redwood is awesome!!

Thanks for sharing the photos - it’s fun to revisit the exhibit in pictures!

If you look at the bottom of the skull you can see it’s sitting on a rough wood block - that’s the front of the arrangement. I held my phone flat looking down on the table for that shot so you can see the skull and the spider better.

Gotcha! That is an awesome arrangement.

it would have been really amazing if the skull display was vertical… like how some people grow tomatoes.