Mountain pine progression

Hi all
This is my 1st yamadori mountain pine. I have this tree from friend of mine since 2016. Tree was a bit overgrown when I got it, had very long needles and looked like typical garden center plant

After cleaning old needles and first wiring

In winter 2017/18 tree lost one of the main branches, tree fell off from bench (combination of heavy snow and strong wind)

2nd wiring Winter 2018/19

3rd wiring winter 2019/20

Still working on better ramification and branch structure

Happy New Year for all :tada::champagne:


Happy New Year to you too Mateusz!

Really fun to see these progressions. I noticed the branches were really twisty when they were young but they’ve mellowed over time and now have more gentle movement that complements the trunk well. A little density will be all that’s needed to give this a nice, mature shape.

Looking real good. Happy New Year.