Mountain pine story

Hi all
Today I’d like to share with you my first yamadori pine in my collection and how it changed in just 3 growing seasons.
Have this tree since January 2016 but first styling job was done in may same year. In winter 2017/18 tree lost one of main branches. Combination of heavy snow and strong wind blew tree off the bench.
I took that as an advantage and reshape crown.
In meantime tree was repotted twice. First time in spring 2017, I exchanged 50% of old soil in the rootball. Second time I repotted in spring last year (2019) and completely exchanged soil. Rootball was washed before tree was potted to new free drainage mix.
This year (2020), exactly last weekend, I wired tree again and placed branches tighter to achieve more compact crown

Before I started. January 2016

After cleaning and wire for first time. May 2016

After losing branch. Winter 2017/18.

After repotting and rewired. Spring 2019

Actual look. February 2020


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Nice progress! Based on how well it’s responded to the work, I expect it won’t be long before the branch pads fill in.