Mugo pine in Florida II

I have this lovely other Mugo pine, but something happening, I see the little branches are looks lifeless, and wrinkled. I hope you guys can tell me how can I solve this problem.

Thank ytou!

Hard to say from the photos. The foliage looks OK in the first photo except for some discolored needles. In the second photo there appears to be more dieback and some brown needles just outside of the frame.

Thank you. But if you can look closer the little branches looks so weak and dried out, dead. :frowning:

In the second photo, there are dead needles as a result of physical damage. As for the other needles, it must be hard to see the problem in the photo. It’s natural for old needles to discolor this time of year. If the new needles don’t look good, it’s likely a result of a watering or environment problem.

I potted in 100% Akadama. That should be problem too?

Jonas, Take a look at the bark on these branches that is all wrinkled up. I think that is what the OP is referring to. Best, Peter

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Looks to me that the foliage has been removed from young shoots. This will cause die back.

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Thanks Peter - I think you’re right. I didn’t respond to that as I’ve seen wrinkly branches on healthy shoots so I didn’t mention it.

The wrinkling may or may not be a bad sign. If they turned wrinkly quickly, I’d be curious what caused it. Pruning or repotting are the first things that come to mind, and as Susan mentioned, it looks like two shoots may have been removed from the long shoot in the first photo.

Using 100% akadama is possible on mugo if the watering is reduced, but it’s easier to keep them healthy with a mix that holds onto less water (e.g. less akadama).

Love this place, thank you all for your help!

Mugo pines are only recommended down to zone 7, because they love the cold and are not very tolerant of extreme heat.