Mugo Pine in Florida

Hello Everybody,

I try to live in Florida with my new mame size mugo pine, but they looks unhealthy now.
Any idea how can I help them?

Please find below few images others has the same problem. Thank you!

Do you keep the tree outdoors where it gets good sunshine?

The discoloration suggests the tree might be staying too wet. Does the tree get a chance to dry out a bit between waterings?


Thank you for your time.
I have a shady balcony, no direct sunlight. I don’t have too much experience with bonsai, so maybe too much water. Our air is so humid, I don’t know how much dry could be the akadama between waterings.
I try do do add more time between watering. Do you think the leaf will turn back green if all good? My other mugo pines has the same problems. Also the leafs goes a little curvy, not just a nice curve :(((((((

Thanks for the info. It’s hard to keep mugo pine healthy without at least half a day of direct sunshine. As for the watering, here’s a primer on the topic:

The damaged needles won’t turn green again, but the new needles next year can begin to grow healthy. In general, the yellow color can become green again, but the splotchy damaged portions of the needle will stay the same.

Was it decandled this year? It looks like the terminal buds were removed or damaged.

Yes, I removed the candles. Do you think was wrong how I did it?

Thank you I red this, this is how I found this website! Thank your for your help!

Mugo pines don’t respond well to decandling so it’s not generally recommended. If your trees are strong enough to produce new buds, you’ll see signs of new growth this summer or next spring.

Thank you for your time!