Mulberry Bonsai care

Hello, I’m new to the world of bonsai, and i’m from Philippines. I just want to ask what to do to my newly repotted Mulberry bonsai, because after I repotted it, it’s leaves turned from this

to this . Thanks for the answers, have a good day!

It looks like the tree wilted. If roots were cut or dried out during repotting this could explain the droopy foliage. Water the tree well and don’t water it again until it is mostly, but not all the way dry.

I’d also keep the tree outdoors. I don’t know what kind of mulberry it is or what your climate is like, but the mulberry trees I’m familiar with do best outdoors.

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Thank you for the answer, I’ll monitor it all day so I can save my Mulberry bonsai. Thank you again!!