My first Wild Yamadori

I found a spot in the mountains that people go to shoot their guns, the rock is pretty much rubble and there are hundreds of little trees growing, I took one and it wasn’t too hard to remove because of the rubble.
Do you want to remove foliage? I had to cut 2 roots that were horizontal and put it in this bucket with holes in the bottom I use for tomatoes. I filled with left over seedling soil and mixed in some sphagnum moss around the roots. It’s outside under the eve so I can control the moisture.
Any other thoughts? I don’t want to grab more till I am sure they have a chance to live.

You do not want to remove any foliage! The next step is to be patient and wait for the tree to establish itself. With collected trees I typically wait one or two growing seasons before attempting any work on the tree. During that time I only remove dead foliage or unwanted dead branches. Watch for signs of new growth pushing and then you can begin weak fertilization.
Humidity is important at this stage so wind protection is important and one can mist the trees frequently. I also provide some frost protection for recently collected trees. keep the substrate damp, neither too dry or too wet!
Best of luck!


Thanks, thats what I wanted to hear, it’s out of the wind and rain so I can control the water.

I also keep as much foliage as possible. I plant as much of the root ball I can (keep intact with the natural soil) into pure pumice. Make sure the tree is very well secured in the pot. I also have found success here in the SF Bay Area of surrounding the foliage in a plastic dry cleaning bag to keep constant high humidity. Yes, leave it alone for two or three years to make sure it is thriving before you do anything more.

Thanks Bill, I should have done that with my 50+ year old juniper I pulled from the neighborhood, think the hot summer finished it off.
IT’s pretty humid here in Washington, I am across the street from the Ocean, I am keeping out of the wind and will use plastic this summer if it drys up.
I assume like my JBP seedlings that they start sprouting growth when they have sprouted roots.
When is the best time for collecting, there are a lot of these trees and they get shot at and run over by trucks, mine has 2 wounds I assume were bullets that grazed the trunk.
I did pack it in the soil but it’s really just loose rock from grading the area, like hard clay, it breaks up if you squeeze it. I cut the 2 horizontal roots, next time will just dig them out and coil till it gets happy in a couple years.
Thanks for the comments.