My Japanese Black Pine Neagari Projects

I have cut away the plastic water bottles from a few of my Neagari projects and cleaned out the soil to release some of the pressure inside bottles and give the roots a bit more room to grow… I tried to twist one or two around and put a bit of movement in but its not easy with long sacrafice branches… I’ll let them grow and have another go in a few years. What suggestions have you got for me if any??

Tree 1

Tree 2

Tree 3

Tree 4

Tree 5


These look fantastic Drew! The immediate consideration is to keep them healthy through summer. If you did this rootwork recently, that’s a lot for this time of year. It’s best to touch the roots in winter when the trees are dormant.

As for the styling and development, this fall/winter could be a good time to start focusing on the tops of the trees. Once you have a plan for the bonsai, you can decide how much longer you want the trunk/roots to thicken.

These do look good! No suggestions as I’m only a beginner but those trunks look to be developing very nicely. I’ll be looking for a nice black pine plant for my rooftop garden at the Redwood Empire show later today in Santa Rosa.

That is a great event. Wish i could be there! I am sure there will be some nice quality JBP available, lots of great nurseries in that area. And some great vendors from out of town as well. Enjoy

yeah they are ok… nothing like yours though Jonas but I’m trying.

When I up-potted these in the spring they all had decent root balls under the plastic tubes which I didn’t touch, Before I removed the tubes over the last few weeks they all had white root tips growing out the bottom of their pots so I guessed It would be safe to remove the tubes and soil from between the thicker roots above ground.

As for their thickness, I wanted most of them as thick as possible but looking at other examples I’m not sure that’s always the best look for these. I may go for a few more slender ones… I’ll keep you posted.

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