Mycorrhizae after repot


I recently repoted JBP, I didn’t notice any of much of mycorrhizae, can this be purchased and added after repot? If so, how much to use ?

(Frank Corrigan) #2

Yes you can use it. I doubt very much if the dosage matters as it is not needed and possibly completely ineffective. Unless your research shows that the specific mycorrhizae used by this pine is present in that formulae it is useless. Further unless you bare rooted and washed all the roots, the correct mycorrhizae is still present on the plant. Also some products must be dusted on the roots to be effective.
My advice would be to save the money or send it to your favourite charity.
What the pot appears to show is calcium deposits from hard water and algae from too much water, Under those conditions Mycorrhizae would not be very noticeable.
The plant appears to be fairly healthy, If you have not done so then ensure that it is secured in the basket. This will protect the newly forming roots from being damaged with accidental movement.

(Justin) #3

this stuff works really good. i trust this product.