Mycorrhizae or Root Aphids?

Hi. Tell me, I can not identify.
Mycorrhizae or root aphids?
Who thinks looking at these photos?
Thank you.
Evgeny. Moscow. Russia.

Great question. I do not see insects in these photos. The look of the white makes me think it is mycorrhizae. Although the photos are great, it is difficult to be certain. If you don’t see any insects, that is your best guide.

There are some small white dots in some of the photos, but they appear to be root tips.

There are also some healthy, growing roots - this is a good sign. Repotting now can stress the tree so maybe wait until repotting time to inspect more trees.

If you have had problems with root aphids or other insects in the past, it might make sense to treat with insecticidal soap, horticultural oil or a pesticide like imidacloprid. And if you see many ants in your trees, especially around the soil, this would be another reason to try the treatments above.

When pine needles turn yellow they don’t always turn green later. What’s important is to see what color the new needles are when they open up in spring.

Hope this helps!

Thank you Jonas…!

That root system looks normal, Healthy Mycorrhizal. The little round bits that you see are like spore pods, all normal.

Thank Kirky, confirmed…