Need expert advice on elms

I have a small wingbark elm that was collected last year. Lately it’s leaves have turned brown at the tips, not on all branches but mostly lower ones that need the most developing. I changed out its soil from a turface heavy mix to akadama lwith an organic element of mostly decomposed pine bark.
I pruned off all the burnt leaves being careful to leave a small section of stem intact on each branch hoping to encourage sprouting of secondary branching. So far, no luck.
From what I have gathered these are fairly slow growing trees. Because of it’s attributes: decent trunk and branhes in most of the right places I very much want to increase it’s vigor pretty much everywhere but especially in the lower branches.
I have enclosed 3 pix.

Hi there. Could you please reload the pictures as they are not showing up!

Brown leaf tips is a common sign of root unhappiness: too much or too little water, fertilizer burn, or poor soil quality. Were you able to remove all of the old soil when you last repotted?

Am also curious if you think the tree is more likely too wet or too dry (or just right :slight_smile: