Need help with Japanese red pine

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I’m so glad to finde this forum, looks very promising since I’m a beginner at bonsai tree growing :slight_smile:
So I have seeded the Japanese red pine somewhere in 01.2019,so almost 6 months and they didn’t even grow more than 6-8 cm. I’ve always kept them inside, near window for sunlight, although weather in Germany is cold, now it’s almost summer time.
Please help und let me know what am I doing wrong here.
I would really really appreciate it!
Please let know your thoughts

This is from March 2019

From today

Thank you very much!

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Time to adjust them to the outdoors. Sunlight is important and they are outdoor trees. Start them in a shadier location and move them into more sun each week gradually. Water regularily and begin weak fertilization. Keep soil damp but not too wet!

Hi Frank,

Thank you so much for your answer!
I will litterly do what you said. And hope it works.

Maybe one thing more, they have been in a pretty normal soil, actually for flowers, cause i couldn’t find sandy bonsai adjusted soil.

When should I start to form them und cut down some needles?

Still thank you!

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Sorry for my English!

There are some great resources for Pine Development in the resource section of this site prepared by Jonas. I would start by referencing and taking note of the stages for development. My initial advice would be to grow them for three years and repot them once per year as a starting point. The repotting primarily as a way of sorting and developing the basic nebari structure. There are many approaches to pine development, not just one way. It helps to understand the stages, from seedling to mature refined tree.
Terms like sacrifice branches, sacrifice leaders, decandling and cutback are critical to understand and apply correctly.
For now focus on growing and understanding proper watering techniques to suit the soil mixes you will be using.