Need sugestion for JBP

(dave) #1

Hello guys,

Need sugestion for JBP, please help me to finding the front of this tree.
Early 2017 i bought this tree and the roots are not in good condition, very few of fine roots so i repot to big pots.
I use 100% lava rocks/scoria, so there will be room for fine roots and lots of O2.
This JBP respond very well and show vigour growth, lots of candle
And in may i decandle an wired it.

(Jonas Dupuich) #2

Something I’d consider when selecting a front for this tree is planting it at an angle. It might be that you can eliminate some options when considering a change to the planting angle.

(clive bennett) #3

Some view appear to show reverse taper, try to hide that

(dave) #4

Hey guys,
Thank u for the advice.
I think will choose no.5 but what if i wrap the main trunk all to the secondary branch with raphia and give a heavy left bend and at the intersection with the secondary branch i will bend to right slightly.

Or perhaps another method:
Saw at the trunk to bend it to the left and give a guy wire to hold the trunk intact
But with this method i cannot bend it again to the right

Please advice

(Jonas Dupuich) #5

I expect you can make pretty good bends without raffia - or sawing - on the tree as it’s still young. Do make sure to wait until the needles have hardened off before working on the tree as they can be damaged easily if they are still tender (they look shiny in the photos).

Also, you can consider letting the tree grow for a couple of years to try and thicken up the base of the trunk. If the roots are good, they’ll help the area between the roots and the first branch thicken in 2-3 (or more) years.

(dave) #6


So best for now is keep the tree growing for 2-3 years without bending it for thicken up the base of the trunk?
Area between roots and first branch showing reverse taper, this is why i consider to bend or saw the trunk

Or bend it first and let it growing for 2-3 years?

(Jonas Dupuich) #7

The growing for 2-3 years is optional - it can help with the taper but it takes a while. If you do go this route, I’d suggest selecting your favorite front, bending the tree when it is dormant, and then letting it grow.

You can move it to a larger pot when the roots have filled the current pot, but no need to repot before then.

(dave) #8

Great thank you for all the advices