Needle cast or other fungus?

(Keith) #1

Trying to determine if I should be concerned with small spotting on some of my needles. They are growing very strong and the condition has not worsened but I’ve noticed these spots on a few pines. I will likely spray to prep for summer rains anyways, but wanted to hear ideas of possible causes. Thanks

(Jonas Dupuich) #2

I wonder if it’s similar to the damage noted here: Rd season for my Black Pine seedlngs

Do you know when the spots appeared or if they appeared all at once or over time? Am also curious if only new or new and old foliage is affected and whether the spots are local or spread over the whole tree.

(Keith) #3

It does not appear to be anywhere near the extensive damage as shown on that other thread you linked. This year’s candles are opening now and I don’t see it on any new needles or candles. Only on last year’s needles and only if I look closely. Some trees were kept in a small greenhouse while others were kept outside all winter and my better trees were kept at a third location. The Greenhouse/outdoor trees are equally effected. The nicer pines don’t appear to be impacted. It’s likely to have existed all winter and me just not notice it.

(Jonas Dupuich) #4

Interesting that the greenhouse trees have this too. I noticed yesterday that I have similar spots on many of my pines after a recent hail storm (will post pics soon) which makes me wonder if it’s physical damage.

(Frank Corrigan) #5

Not clear from the pictures, but is there any chance it is residue from a fungal or insecticidal spray? Some sprays can have an ingredient that may create some damage on some species, and or leave spotting.

(Keith) #6

I almost mentioned that they were all sprayed with lime sulphur about 2 months ago, but the undamaged trees also received the shower. But that is a possibility. All are growing strong so I think I’m ok

(Merlin) #7

My 2 year old JBP have similar spots and I haven’t sprayed with anything but water (see pic.). This one specific even had browning tips which I cut of. The candles are growing strong.
My guess is some sort of fungus. My 2yo Scots Pines also show signs of needle-cast. I live in a zone with Scots Pine all around, which are most likely the cause. So I’m planning to spray with Mancozeb the following months, hoping it won’t transfer to the new needles.