New Bonsai please help

Hi I am growing my first Bonsai and not sure if it’s looking ok. It’s about 6 months old. Can you help?


Only my opinion; if the pot is too large for the size of plant, too much moisture in too large a pot can deleteriously effect the small growing root ball. Two inch square pots are perhaps more appropriate to avoid overwhelming amounts of killing moisture. Am unable to discern what your medium is. Needs to be well draining but containing compost to retain some moisture. Sounding like a broken record, starting bonsaists might try something with a definite root ball to avoid too much disappointment. Pick up a healthy juniper at your local nursery in order to avoid much disappointment. Starting cuttings is rather an advanced methodology to undertake. See if there is a bonsai club locally in order to get hands on help with this difficult art. I spent many years killing plants figuring out the nuts and bolts of the art of bonsai. Difficult art, but fulfilling. Remember, my opinion only. Good luck.

The shape of the needles isn’t great, but the color is good so overall it looks like the seedling is doing well. As Robert noted, watering is the most important thing at this stage. You want the soil to start drying out between waterings but not get completely dry. Am also curious if the tree gets time outdoors. It’s very hard to keep pines healthy inside as they prefer growing in full sun in all but the hottest climates.