New Introduction

(Jerry) #1

Im new to bonsai since last October. I’ve been watching YouTube videos some very good some not so good. I also like figs. Im looking forward to learning and asking questions to bonsai. -Jerry zone 5 thanks

(Jonas Dupuich) #2

Awesome - thanks Jerry! Let us know if you find some good videos.

(Mr O F Claffey) #3

Nigel Saunders on you tube. great instructional videos.


Hope this helps

(Jerry) #4

Nigel S.OF KW Bonsai is great as a matter of fact I’ve been following Nigel into the Bonsai Zone!
Thanks for sharing! slight_smile:

(Jerry) #5

I too follow him into the Bonsai Zone! He explains well for the newbie, I enjoyed his videos over the past year. Also Paul of OrlandoTv explains well also.

(Jerry) #6

(Jerry) #7