New JBP advice please

Hi Jonas,
Please could I get some assistance on this recently purchased pine. Pines are not very common where I live (Pretoria, South Africa) due to various non plant related issues. (Not indigenous, controlled species etc.)

  1. Can anyone confirm that this is in fact a JBP?
  2. Any guestimates on the age based on the pic with the lighter for reference?
  3. We have mild winters here, usually in the June-August time-frame, average temps between 6-25 Celsius during winter with the odd cold snap coming down to around 2 or 3 Celsius. No snow here and hardly ever frost in winter. This is also the dry season.
    Summer ranges from an average of 15 - 30 C from September to April/May and is also the rainy season.
  4. Based on the above, any advice as to maintenance needed for this tree? I was thinking of just watering/fertilizing until spring (Sept) and then perhaps have some work to do on this tree.
  5. Is the apical growth fine to leave as is until spring?
  6. Should the buds on the top be left until spring/summer as well?

Any further suggestions and advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks

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  1. looks like a black pine
  2. maybe 3 years old
    3-4. yes, feed during the growing season, no need to protect the tree in winter
  3. what is the plan for the tree?
  4. the plan will determine what work makes sense this year

The main questions are: will the tree (and/or the trunk) be big or small; and do you have a style in mind?

Thanks Jonas,

I only received it a week ago, still deciding on its future plans. Was going to just let it grow until spring (September) and will hopefully have a better idea then.
It was in a very small clay pot when I got it, just potted it up into a training pot but will move it into a much bigger pot in spring as well (no root work was done)
It was also wired when I got it, smallish wire bite marks so I removed the wire.
Should I leave the buds on top until spring as well before reducing to 2?

I’d likely let it grow so you can establish good roots. I’d think about style decisions or making cuts in fall or next spring.

Thanks again Jonas, agree, will wait till spring then.