New to Bonsai in Lehigh County Pennsylvania

So I’ve been interested in Bonsai for a few years and have knowledge on soil / chemistry of plant biochemistry. What I do lack is best times for pruning specific conifers. All the conifers I have are Pre-Bonsai , so the intention is to wire and prune to shape before spring re-pot.Right now I have 3 Japanese White pines (different varieties) , Japanese Red Pine, Norway, Pitch Pine, Atlantic Cedar, Spruce, and Juniper.

If I wired and pruned these species is September an acceptable time to do this? I know not to repot till spring to remove roots/while still keeping native soil in tact. I’ve gotten answers that it’s okay to prune anytime after growing season , so when temps drop such as in September or to prune in spring after repot. I need a direct Answer as I’ve not gotten one. So my question is what conifers can be prune and wired around September, and is needle plucking only necessary after potting as bonsai or can it be done when styling.

Also I’ve been listening to Herons Bonsai and Ryan Neil about needle pruning to lowest needle heigh on branch.

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September may be slightly early for working on pines depending on whether or not the foliage has hardened off. October or November are the traditional times for fall cutback on most conifers including pines.

September is a great time to work on junipers.

There is a lot to say about needle plucking depending on the species and the development goals. Needle work on mature white pine starts when the old needles begin to turn brown at the end of summer. This can be as early as August.

Fall is the normal time for needle plucking on many pine species, though the work can be done in winter too. And if you’re wiring trees now, they’ll need protection from hard freezes in winter.

Since all of your trees are pre-bonsai, Now is probably fine for wiring and pruning everything in the garden. The main reason for waiting until next month is that pruning can trigger new growth and we don’t typically want new growth to develop right before trees enter dormancy.