New to Bonsai. Looking for any help on maintaining or pruning

I have a bonsai tree I have been growing for quite some time.
I would like to know which type I have. Should I be pruning it? Any help and suggestions are appreciated. I will try and load some pictures.

Hi Dominic! This is a ficus, possibly ficus retusa or ficus nitida.

This is a good time of year to prune, wire, and even repot the tree.

Curved branches are desirable on ficus bonsai, so you might consider pruning or wiring any straight branches.

You might also hear advice to make the tree much smaller as the trunk has good size but the branches are long and slender compared with the trunk. If you’re interested in making a smaller tree, you might prune along these lines:

For repotting info, see the example here:

I wouldn’t cut as many roots as in the example unless you have a greenhouse or an equally hot and humid place for the tree to recover.

thank you…I’ve realized one my lot is. ery very large so I need to find a smaller one…can you suggest a spot to find bonzai pots?

Local nurseries might have bonsai pots - I’d also look at large garden centers in person or online. Searching for bonsai pots will turn up lots of options at bonsai nurseries.

I’m actually visiting a local bonsai nursery a hour away to get more tips this weekend. I have 9 more trees in the pre-sowing, sowing, and stratification process as we speak.
looking forward to starting this new hobby.
Thanks for any and all advice by anyone…

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