New to Bonsais and want to succeed!

Hi there I am new to Bonsai‘s. My wife and I have started bonsai trees this year because we are having a new baby girl and we want the trees to be the same age that she is as she grows up. I currently have three sprouts of pinus Aristada and have noticed one of the sprouts stems is changing color toward the bottom from brown to a light gray or white instead of green. Is this normal and can anyone explain trimming the taproot ?

I also have 3 Jacaranda Mimosifolia and 6 Picea Mariana sprouts. Any informed experience will be greatly appreciated.

The tree looks healthy to me. I’d guess the color change you see in the stem is natural, though I’m not as familiar with aristada as I am with other pines. If the top keeps growing you’re in good shape.

Are you keeping the seedlings outside? They’ll benefit from sunshine this time of year.

As for the taproot, I’d hold off on cutting it for now. When you repot the tree this coming late winter/early spring, you can safely trim the roots a bit.

Thank you… I am keeping them inside with grow lights but I will start setting them outside for periods of sun when I can… :):slightly_smiling_face: