New trends in pottery?

(jeff_lahr) #1

In the past year I have become much more aware of American potters selling their wares online. I think it is great! It seems that for the last few years there has been a trend to using more creative pots which in the past may have been criticized as drawing attention away from the tree.

It seems that there are alot more round pots thrown on a potters wheel rather than the rectangle traditonal pots.

I’m curious if anyone agrees with me that there has been a new Renaissance in bonsai pots?

(Jonas Dupuich) #2

Sounds like a great trend. I’ve seen more available online than I’ve seen in the shows I usually attend in Northern California - it’d be great to see photos of American pots in exhibits.


I think pots are getting a bit better. Rounds on a wheel are easier to make then a slab pot. There have been great pots coming from Europe for a long time and I hope American potters reach the skill of John Pitt, Krebs, Isabelia, Barton, Erik Križovenský, tom benda, etc. I understand there is a National Bonsai Pot competition in June but I don’t think many entries have been submitted yet. I hope I’m wrong.