Newly collected Pinus – aftercare

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I’m new here, but I’ve been reading for a few years. I recently collected a rather large Pinus Sylvestris, but the root ball was not very compact, and as a result I had to cut a number of the thicker, longer roots off. I was wondering: what is the best I can do to make it survive and thrive for the first couple of years until it’s ready to be worked?
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The crucial factors for survival are more closely connected to the collection process and the condition of the tree when collected! It is not uncommon to have to shorten several larger anchor roots. The key is are sufficient feeder roots remaining.
Aftercare consists of preventing the tree from drying out without overwatering! Protect from wind and excessive sunlight for the first few months. Once you see some new growth begin fertilizing lightly! Do not remove any extra foliage during recovery unless it is dead. Every live needle is part of the engine that fuels survival!
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Thanks a lot. I’ll make sure to do as you suggest

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