No berries on cotoneaster

I have a cranberry cotoneaster. Doesn’t seem to be producing berries. Otherwise a healthy looking tree.
does it require some mineral fertilizer that I may not be providing ? I am using miracle grow and some organic cakes. thanks for any help.

Sunshine and fertilizer are the two most important elements for fruit production. If you’re getting lots of green growth the tree might benefit from less fertilizer - nitrogen at least - as trees don’t always fruit as much when they’re growing vigorously.

My question would be ‘did it produce blooms?’. If it did bloom, and didn’t produce berries, I’d wonder if it was pollinated. We may forget how many of these flowering and fruiting plants need to be pollenated. Was there pollinator access? Was an insecticide used in the same area while the plant was blossoming?

tree displayed a lot of leaf growth. I did not see blooms. got plenty of sun and fertilizer. I did take it from a nursery container, reduced the rootball, and put it in a bonsai pot. Perhaps next spring it will produce some flowering buds. Not familiar with these.