Not Sure if this is a Juniper? But New Styling

Hello all, I just styled and wired this little tree that I have had for some time. I am not sure that it’s a juniper, but I believe it is. Any help identifying it would be great. Also please comment, critique and make suggestions. I originally had this as a more symmetrical setup but it wasn’t working for me so I decided to go more windswept. Thanks in advance for your input!

I am not sure of the species. With a windswept the foliage would be affected as well as the branches by the prevailing winds. I would suggest considering the wiring of the smaller branches and bringing the foliage down and along the direction of branches. I suspect this will give a very different visual.
At that point you may wish to reduce the amount of foliage in length and density for a lighter look. The longer trunk/branch seems to become the focal point and yet it is the shorter one in the composition. Throws the balance off a bit in my opinion.
I am not sure how much foliage you were working with initially but if there was more, i would have alternated my selection of branchlets to retain. It could be with that species that they are only produced in opposing pairs?
Hope the comments make sense and provide another perspective!

Thanks Frank, yes they make a lot of sense. I am going to revisit my latest styling while considering your comments. I wasn’t entirely happy with it so I posted the pictures with the questions. Thanks for your comments and suggestions.

I’m 90% sure that’s a yew, foliage looks a little off for Taxus Baccata though. If it is you may need copper wire and to leave it on for a long time, yews are extremely flexible and take awhile to set in new positions.

Thanks Sal! I was wondering is it might be a yew when I was trying to figure it out last night. I looked at all kinds of pictures of different needles. The stems and branches are EXTREMELY flexible on this little guy. I appreciate the feedback.

My guess is procumbens juniper, likely nana, possibly ‘green mound.’

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Needle structure is very juniper-like but the bark seems different and the branches are almost floppy. I am stumped.

Now 99% sure this is juniperus communis compressa. I ran across some at the local nursery today. Thanks for comments all.