Novice wiring, seeking solutions

(Christopher J Parker) #1

Falling prey to trying to rush and discovering the fragile nature of white Cedar bark, the high gauge wire had cut into the branch.

Should this willing to be treated with something or left alone so that the tree heal itself?

(Jonas Dupuich) #2

If you want the area to heal you can clean the wound and apply cut paste as you would had you removed a branch from that spot. Cleaning the wound includes making the exposed wood smooth so the wound can close and making a clean cut along the margin of the exposed wood with a grafting knife. You can see examples here.

You can also let the tree heal over the wire mark, rough edges and all, or leave a bit of deadwood there as long as it didn’t look like it was caused by wire cutting in.

(Christopher J Parker) #3

Thanks Jonas

I think I’ll not interfere with the wire, it isn’t cutting in and all the work is still in the beginning stages. Unless you (or anyone) have different experiences, I don’t think the wound will affect a tough ass thuja.

On a side note before working a juniper I choose to wrap with raffia first :sunglasses: