Older Ginko seedlings 2nd root cutting

(Tim Shea ) #1

I just reduced the roots by 1/2 on a new bucket ( 10 inch of dirt } of OLDER Ginkgo seedlings ,they are doing very well ,they all had tap roots matching the tree size, but ,I’d like to eventually have them in a tray with no more than 1& 1/4 inch of soil mix ,??? The Q is how aggressively can a established Ginkgo’s roots be cut next spring …??? thanks Tim Shea AKA twistedtreeguy.com

(Jonas Dupuich) #2

I think it depends on where the new roots show up. You’ll want to keep a fair number of roots on the cuttings next year - how many may depend on whether you get more growth near the surface roots or more near the bottom of the pot.

(Tim Shea ) #3

Thanks Jonas ;o) That makes sense ,I previously been only slightly informed about any Ginkgo,particularities although one my longest owned Bonsai is a Ginkgo . Its a " remnant " of a old yard tree & recently salvaged another much bigger one that so far seems to be willing to survive on very little rootage , Tim AKA twistedtreeguy.com