Olive tree losing leaves

(james phelan) #1

hi jonas,
i’ve had this tree for a few years and it has been healthy and happy,
recently it’s begun to lose leaves and at the rate it’s going there won’t be a lot left in a few months.
don’t think it’s been getting too much sun (morning only) and haven’t over fertilized, could it be too much watering?

(Jonas Dupuich) #2

Both too much water or not enough water could be the culprit, as could a problem with the roots. When was the tree last repotted and in what soil is it growing?

(james phelan) #3

it was repotted for the first time since i’ve had the tree ( about 4 years) this past spring. primarily akadama with the rootball still in the dirt that it came to me in.
it’s been thriving until recently and from your reply i think the likely problem is overwatering.

(Jonas Dupuich) #4

I recommend checking the soil where the roots are before watering - will look to write something on this before long.