Omakase Bonsai Fertilizer questions


Hi Jonas et al. I just read your timely article on fertilizing JBP, as well as several other of your articles on fertilizing, and as I’m trying out the Omakase fertilizer for the first time, I wonder if I could get a little advice about application (I can’t read Kanji or whatever the instructions are in on the packaging). In regards to your latest article, all my trees would be considered “in development” and mostly are very young, under 3-4 years in 6’-8’ diameter pots, mostly pines too. I’ve started out by placing 3-4 pellets (these are the ‘medium’ size) per tree, and plan on slowly increasing the amounts. My questions are, how much (how many pellets) do I work up to, and how quickly? Is it possible to over fertilize with an (this) organic fertilizer? I lost a few trees last spring when (I assume) I over fed with a Shake and feed type fertilizer (leaves burned brown almost overnight then dropped off).


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Can you upload a photo of a sample tree you’ll be feeding? That’ll help us gauge how much food to use.

In general, organic fertilizers like the Omakase are relatively mild compared with inorganic fertilizers, making it harder to burn trees. As for the trees you lost last year, seeing brown leaves right after feeding does sound suspicious. Over feeding, letting the tree dry out or a combination of both could be the culprit.

Am also curious what kind of soil you’re using as I wouldn’t feed as much when using soil with organic ingredients.


I’ll get some pics tonight, but several are the small pines as well as some maples I picked up from you at the BIB show @ Lake Merritt, a few are a little larger. Everything is potted in Boon mix.

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Spacing the pellets 1" apart, or maybe a little closer, should be no problem for the small pines. I’ve covered pots solid but tend to use a mix of different fertilizers so I rarely need the surface completely covered with a single type of fertilizer.


Thanks for the info Jonas! Here’s a shot of a few in development. Any further thoughts on increasing amounts and how quickly?

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Wow, those photos remind me of my garden many years ago.

I’d add more fertilizer every 1-2 weeks until the pellets are spaced 1" apart over the entire surface of the soil for the pines. And even a bit more than that would be OK.

I’d feed the fir(?) and deciduous trees less. The procumbens can be fed moderately.

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There is some types of that shake and feed stuff that also has weed killer in it. I hope you didn’t pick up the wrong kind by mistake. You have to read the label carefully.