Overwatered juniper?

(bflin) #1

Hello Bonsai Tonight,

Weirdest problem ever… so I got a pair of new glasses over winter with brown transition lenses. I didn’t realize that it made seeing yellow more difficult. I just realized that my junipers aren’t as green as I thought they were, until I took my glasses off to scratch an itchy eye. They look overwatered. They have a yellow/green mottled look, i.e. The color difference isn’t only in growing tips, but random throughout needles. I don’t see evidence of mites. What do you think?

I meant to upload pictures. How do I do that?

(Jonas Dupuich) #2

Funny about the glasses.

Good that you checked for mites - that’s the first thing that came to mind. The next thing I’d consider is the soil. If there’s old soil in the rootball, that could explain the yellow foliage.

(bflin) #3

Good call. The couple of trees in question are both 1/2 barerooted. One tree is in its 1st season, the other in its second. Might have similar symptoms as overly dense footballs. Thanks!