Pine needles are strange on this one

(Justin) #1

Hello. I was wondering if anyone knows what this is from?? It’s only doing this on one pine.

(Jonas Dupuich) #2

I’ve always wondered what causes contorted needles like this - am not sure what it is. This is a bit twistier than I normally see - is all over the tree or just on this branch?

(Justin) #3

its all over the tree just the tips though…i was thinking it may have been from too much heat and not enough water?! but i give it plenty water.

(Jonas Dupuich) #4

Water and heat usually result in systemic symptoms (like the tree going yellow, etc.). I’ve always guessed something physical damaging the young needles, either insects or a bird landing on or fussing with the young shoot.

(Justin) #5

yea its strange 1 out of 8 pines are like this and it looks pretty healthy also

(Frank Corrigan) #6

I have noted this on conifers infected with borers. Check the trees for evidence of sap droplets and entry holes. Also cut off one affected tip and slice it open to look for larvae.

(Justin) #7

okay, thank you. I’ll check when i get home