Pine Seedling cutting technique on Bristlecone Pine?

Hi, I’m brand new to the forum and I was wondering if is possible to do the JBP seedling cutting technique on Bristlecone Seedlings. Or and other Pine seedlings for that matter.

Sure it is possible to try the techniques and see if they work on other pines. However it should be noted that one of the reasons why JBP is noted for this technique is that it is a very robust pine species with the additional characteristic of Multi-Flush.
Single flush pines may not respond with the same strength. This has been noted in varied decandling techniques and the need to adapt pruning techniques in accordance with the species rate of response.

Adding to Frank’s note, it’s more likely to work if you have the seedlings in a greenhouse-like environment with bottom heat. If you have a bunch of seedlings, try some cuttings and leave the others alone - you can make perfectly good bonsai without making seedling-cuttings!

Thank you for the reply. I think I will try a few of the strongest seeds and see what happens.